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LMMS aims to become a free beat maker alternative to preferred professional and closed-source beat making applications like FruityLoops, Cubase and Reason, which likewise gives you the power and convenience of generating beat audio with built in coils, trials, and even notes saved from keyboard equally midi products. Fantastic software, a lot of software and hardware available- tools that are great, still need a great set of monitors along with an excellent pair of ears. But what actually surprised me was the amazing reality the audio quality of ‘Ooolaala' could not keep a candle towards the audio quality of Amma' which was recorded! Even today, reading these years' audio files surprises us using their fidelity.

The music therefore produced would immediately define lines that were circular on a polish history or / shellac dish. I have paid attention to a three- record of the dialogue in Tamil using a horse-cart driver away from Main Railway Station in Chennai saved using one such portable audio camera audio mixing brought from Indonesia in 1907! This is something where the audio was designed to emanate through three distinct routes on an online middle and proper and the remaining. Audio's music recording enhanced the naturalness of the enjoyed back music many -fold.

Good software, a lot of equipment and software outthere- good tools, still require a very good group of ears plus a good set of watches. But what really amazed me was the fact that was astounding that the audio quality of ‘Ooolaala' could not store a candle towards the quality of ‘Ui Amma' that has been registered thirty years earlier! Right now, reading the music records of the years surprises us.