captain Pigott Of Dublin, Antigua & Stradbally

For 30 years of research living, I have continued to trust, when I had been resulted in by other people who went before, that my Irish ancestor was Captain John PIGOTT, of King's Co, who had a child called David PIGOTT who was delivered in Dublin about 1759. The Frigate Chester, Leader PIGOTT, sailed from Offer for Barbados, 20 July 1728 The Daily Diary, Manchester, Monday Plumber Dublin 22 July; reached Barbados from Birmingham, 21 September 1728 Daily Log, Sunday 9 Nov; arrived Falmouth from Barbados, 23 December 1728 Daily Record, 1 January 1729; sailed from Plymouth for London, 12 January 1729 Daily Diary, Friday 16 January; and appeared at Deal, from Barbados, 15 January 1729 Daily Record, Friday 17 Jan.

I'd not typically doubt the accuracy with this sort of merchandise; however, it appears that Parliament, valued after having a long time in abeyance, wasn't due to remain again in Dublin before further late date of 22 October 1761; as well as the agent who did then occupy his couch for your Borough of Banagher was still another John PIGOTT, Esq, who also had resorts in Dame Road, Dublin, and who died 2 5 years later, in December 1763.

The father, Bob PIGOTT Elderly, was herself a newer boy of Thomas PIGOTT (born about 1640; died in 1702) of Dysart, Double's County, Ireland, by his spouse Elizabeth WELDON (these were committed in Dublin in 1663). Frances Senior continued to improve the youngsters until her demise a couple of years later; but whether she remained at Kilcromin, or delivered to Antigua offered for in her spouseis will, is uncertain; but most likely the latter.